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17 Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android/iOS (Stream Radio Online for Free)

FM is among the most popular features in the mobile phones of all time. No matter where you are, you can listen to songs, news or any FM programs easily without a network or a working internet connection. 

Best FM Transmitter Apps

Unfortunately, FM is losing its value these days because of the thousands of options to choose from. People are moving towards online music streaming platforms like Spotify. However, there is still a group of people who love FM radio. Are you one of them? Well. 

If you are searching for the best FM transmitter apps for Android or iOS you are on the right page. There are tons of FM transmitter apps on the Google Play store and app store that allow you to listen to millions of professional and community programmed radio stations from around the world for free. 

Nevertheless, we did find a few that worked well so here are the best FM transmitter apps for Android and iOS. 

17 Best Fm Transmitter Apps To Stream Radio Online On Smartphone for Free in 2020

1. Radio FM

radio fmRadio FM has been among the most popular FM transmitter apps in its class for years. This is one of the few FM transmitter apps that have very good ratings. That makes it one of the plus points for this app. We tested this app thoroughly and we found it as the best one to share. This simple 23mb app lets you listen to and enjoy a variety of genres from several Internet Radio broadcasters worldwide including the classical, rock, pop, instrumental, hip-hop, gospel, songs, music, talks, news, comedy, shows, concerts.

2. TuneIn Radio

tunein radioTuneIn Radio is a fairly robust mobile FM radio app with over 5.7 million podcasts and 100,000+ AM and FM radio stations globally. You also get a host of content on live sports, exclusive music channels, breaking news, stuff like that. The app has a simple UI but comes with a library of live, on-demand and original audio contents. This app has the ability to stream 100,000+ AM radio and also it is free across 200 platforms and connected devices.

3. Simple Radio – Free Live AM FM Radio & Music App

simple radio transmitter appSimple Radio is an amazing FM transmitter app that actually works well if you are searching for a way to tune in to your preferred FM radio, AM radio and online radio stations. It’s definitely a step up from most basic FM radio streaming apps. 

It is actually a very useful app for people who are looking for an FM transmitter app for car radio. The app has a user-friendly interface and we had no issues getting around and listening to our favorite radio stations online. It has integration with over 50,000 stations worldwide so you have access to all your favorite music or podcasts so you can tune in to the ones you are in love with and also you can discover new gems from around the globe. 

4. myTuner Radio and Podcasts

myTuner Radio and PodcastsAre you looking for an FM transmitter app that works without Bluetooth? Well. Just try myTuner Radio and Podcasts app. This app has a simple UI, but it’s an elegant radio app that puts very little between you and your loved radio station. It has over 50k radio stations inside. On top of that, it covers radio stations from 200 countries and territories. You can explore millions of podcasts, online radio, internet radio, AM and FM radio.

5. – radio and podcast app - radio and podcast appThis radio streaming app is still simple enough for everyone to use. This one features a variety of radio functions including radio alarm and sleep timer, favorite save, radio stations sorted by theme, genre and city/country, etc. On top of that, you get access to over 600,000 podcasts. It has a ton of podcast functions, including subscribe, direct episode playback, offline download, skip the breaks using the Skip Silence, etc.

6. Radio Online – PCRADIO

Radio Online - PCRADIORadio Online is a long time favorite of Android and iOS users because it has sufficient features to be ahead than most of the apps in the same category. It has a lot of desirable features, including equalizer, timer, filter option, stream quality, a power-saving mode which efficiently saves the battery. This tiny radio streaming app hosts thousands of radio stations. This app has a lightweight UI and a comparatively small app size.

7. Stitcher – Podcast Player

Stitcher - Podcast Playeris another radio app to listen to your favorite radio stations. It is not nearly as popular as it probably should be. It features over 260,000 podcasts, from politics, true crime, sports, and comedy. Also, it comes with tons of exclusive podcast episodes and even you can create your own podcast playlists to listen anytime. Unfortunately, the user interface is definitely not the best on the list. However, the app is worth trying.

8. LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events

LiveXLive - Streaming Music and Live EventsLiveXLive is one of the more popular radio streaming apps. It features a ton of content, including tons of interactive and hand-crafted music stations, recommended music, live video stream, and exclusive audio as well as video shows. The app wraps up the experience in a good user interface and the subscription of LiveXLive lets you listen to offline data-free music. The app is free along with valuable content. 

9. Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts

Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & PodcastsPandora is probably the best of the free radio apps. It quickly and easily lets you create stations from your favorite songs, artists or genres. Additionally, the app can show you Podcasts so you can find your favorites and listen to personalized podcast recommendations. Some of the great features on this app include downloads for offline listening, unlimited skips, and replays, high-quality audio, ad-free music, etc. This is a freemium app that means the app also has the Pandora Plus subscription and some of the mentioned features are limited only for Plus members. But, remember it is optional.

10. Radio Player by Audials

Radio Player, MP3-Recorder by AudialsRadio Player is one of the more basic radio transmitter apps. It hosts a variety of features that includes over 36,000 U.S stations, over 100,000 radio stations in MP3 and AAC format, and 260,000 podcasts, Chromecast, clock radio, wireless music syncing, Sleep Timer, Equalizer, etc. The app is free from ads. There is no pro version available as of writing this article.

11. SiriusXM

SiriusXM - Music, Comedy, Sports, NewsSiriusXM is a surprisingly decent FM radio transmitter app for Android and iOS. It works like most, though. You can listen to over 300 channels from the globe on the go. The app gives you ad-free radio, music. There is truly a lot of content to listen to. You’ll no doubt find something on this app that you can’t get on other apps in the same category. The good part of this app is that you get the 100+ ad-free Xtra channels that contain music for your every mood.

12. iHeartRadio: Radio, Podcasts & Music On-Demand

iHeartRadio: Radio, Podcasts & Music On DemandiHeartRadio is arguably the best free FM radio transmitter platform. It’s one of only a few apps that allows you to listen to podcast playback at your desired speed of 0.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x. It has top radio stations, music, news, sports, talk, and comedy radio shows. Within the app you can listen to the popular and the shows that are trending currently.

13. TuneLink Auto

TuneLink AutoTuneLink Auto is one of the more competitive FM transmitter apps that work without Bluetooth. It has a lot of the basic features, including Fast USB charger, HI-FI Stereo Bluetooth link, Bluetooth to FM and Direct Connect in-car audio, and more. The app also comes with plug and play so that you can listen to the radio once you plugin. All we can say is, this is the best FM transmitter app for car radio.

14. Free Radio Tuner

Free Radio TunerFree Radio Tuner is one of those FM transmitter apps that have been around for a very long time. However, the app ratings are not good on the Google Play Store. It covers more than 50,000 professional radio stations from the world.  Some of the highlighting features of this app include lock screen radio controls, timer to control music, song details with animation, etc. It also allows you to add your own station with a radio streaming link.

15. iSimple BlueConnect

iSimple BlueConnectiSimple BlueConnect is a fairly popular app to stream radio online on smartphones. It has a decent number of features as well. iSimple BlueConnect is an app that works by connecting vehicles and it can be controlled via the stock steering wheel controls.

16. World Radio

World Radio: FM World Radio, Online World RadioWorld Radio is one of the top FM radio transmitter apps on the list. However, its frequent updates help keep it relevant. It has all of the basics, including free themes, alarm clock, countdown, 10000+ radio stations, Chromecast support. There are many more features if you want to try.

17. World Radio FM

World Radio FM - All radio stations - Online RadioWorld Radio FM is probably the best of the app to stream all radio stations. This app allows you to listen to several genres including music, discussions, news, shows, concerts and other variety of programs.

How to Use the FM Transmitter on Android and iOS?

Coming to the main topic, here is the way to use FM transmitter apps on Android and iOS. To use the FM transmitter app, just download any app from the above list and open it. Now you have to connect to your favorite radio stations by connecting it. You can stream the podcast by clicking on the podcast category. 

Which is the best FM transmitter app?

So, guys, these are the top 17 best FM transmitter apps in 2020 for Android and iOS for free. If we missed any worthy free FM radio transmitter apps, then don’t forget to comment on the name of that app in the comments section. You can also click here to check out our latest best apps and games list.

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